Your business is at an inflection point, a time of significant growth
opportunities and changing market dynamics.
You need experienced, senior level support to get you through it and out the other side better than ever.

Your business is at an inflection point, a time of significant growth
opportunities and
 changing market dynamics.
You need experienced, senior level support to get you through it and
out the other side better than ever.

We are a team of highly experienced, executive-level business people with entrepreneurial experience who can work with you short-term to address issues such as major shifts in your industry or market, and exciting yet challenging prospects for growth.

We are implementors and integrators. When you hire us, you are bringing action-takers to the table.

As a first step, let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other:

Is This You?

You’re a leader of a business or organization that’s facing a tipping point. You’ll either move through this well and effectively, or you’re in real danger of losing market share, missing potential future business, or forgoing the opportunity to sell your business at the highest price.

You’re not quite at the point where you have full-time operation al support in the form of a COO. You would benefit from that senior level support, but are managing costs or just haven’t grown quite enough yet to justify a new C-level hire.

You’re dealing with one of these scenarios:

Here’s What You’ve Tried

Along the way, you’ve tried a number of things to address the change that’s coming:

It’s likely that you’ve ended up frustrated and watching growth opportunities slip through your fingers. And maybe now you are more than a little anxious about what’s next.

Or you just want to bypass all of that unnecessary pain, and go right to a solution.

Let’s talk about how we can help.
Schedule a time that works for you.
Let’s look at why what you tried didn’t work:

Here’s Why That Didn’t Work

You can’t do everything. You as CEO need to be able to focus on what’s crucial about your role: vision, strategy, and leadership.

Ideas are great, but without putting them into action, they have no value at all.

It’s not the time to bring in inexperienced people. They can’t make the discerning choices you need right now, and you don’t need the burden of managing them.

You can’t put this off any longer.

Fortunately, Premiere Value Associates can offer you a solution.

How We Work

Premiere Value Associates (PVA) supports you as CEO and your business
on a short-term basis on 3 interrelated fronts:


With our deep experience, we advise on strategy and implementation options. We offer experienced perspectives on processes, hiring, partner/vendor management, financial management, and other operational issues.


We implement. We don’t just offer ideas and step back. We step IN and put plans that we co-create into action.


We are your right hand. While you focus on vision and strategy, we support you by advancing your vision with wisdom and heart. You can confidently bounce ideas off of us, and know that we are in your corner.
Let’s talk about how we can help.
Schedule a time that works for you.
Learn more about the team of allies, advisors, and action-takers at PVA:

Who We Are

PVA is a team of fractional COOs. We work together as a team to provide operational support to our clients, so you get the benefit of ALL of our experience, not just one person.

Our two principals, Chris Buehler and Ursula Jorch, combined have started and grown 10 companies, and have extensive and varied business experience. In addition, we have several team members with specialized expertise who contribute to client engagements on an as-needed basis.

Here’s more about each of our principals:

Ursula Jorch

Ursula Jorch

Ursula supports visionary leaders to achieve their business goals. Ursula’s focus with her clients is on making smart and strategic decisions while growing their business and developing impactful leadership. She is known as an implementor, someone who gets things done.

Clients have described working with Ursula as, “I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and support” and “I’m constantly in awe of the knowledge and value that you offer…I feel grateful to be working with you.”

Ursula has founded and acted as CEO for four successful companies. She has worked in every realm, from academia to corporate to the entrepreneurial space. She holds two graduate degrees, one a Master’s in Adult Education with a specialization in workplace learning and change, and the other a Master’s in Science.

Ursula has wide-ranging interests. She co-leads a community choir that performs songs from around the world. Her interest in the environment led her to participate in a regional initiative to reduce energy consumption, the Blue Horizons Project. Ursula avidly hikes, photographs, and frolics with her dog companions in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Chris Buehler

Chris has been a co-founder, COO, or CTO for six early-stage companies in a variety of technology and product-based industries. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Degree in International Business Management, complemented by four years as an expatriate in Southeast Asia and Europe. He has been in leadership roles growing companies that create industrial, consumer, and software products, as well as technical field services.

As an involved and committed community member, Chris has served as a political appointee on public commissions and as a board member of non-profit entrepreneurial support organizations. He mentors and advises a variety of early-stage technology focused businesses, and in 2018 he was recognized as the Venture Asheville Mentor of the Year.

Chris and his wife enjoy tending to the animals, land, and forest of their mountain farm in Western North Carolina.

Chris Buehler

What’s It Like To Work With Us?

Fantastic…Incredibly Insightful
Chris and Ursula at PVA were fantastic. They really took the time to properly understand my business from the inside out, and their observations and recommendations were spot on. This is precisely the kind of thoughtful information I needed to take the next step in my business’s growth process. They are both incredibly insightful and couldn’t be easier to work with. I absolutely will recommend PVA to any of my friends needing help with the next steps in growing their businesses.
~ Jake Wolf, Demand Professionals
Insightful and Proactive Action
Chris is resourceful, insightful, oriented to proactive action, considerate, clever and offers a wide range of knowledge and skills. And he exudes a positive approach to every challenge.
~ Carl O., teleCalm, Inc.
Best Sales Months Ever

We just experienced our best 3 sales months to date! Ursula very patiently guided my business partner and myself through a very meaningful process. This powerful work helped my partner and I align with each other and supported us in making some very important business decisions. Prior to our work with Ursula, we had been having conflict over the direction of the company and were both feeling a lot of stress and overwhelm. The greatest change is that we are moving forward with renewed peace and confidence.

Wise Decisions, Problem Solver
Chris makes wise business decisions, builds consensus, and shows his skill as a problem solver in overcoming obstacles.
~Rob K., Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.
New Strong Direction

In a difficult period in my business, my enthusiasm for Carolina Morning has certainly been rekindled as a result of the work I’ve done with Ursula. With the help of Ursula and staff, the business is moving forward in a new and strong direction. It’s an exciting time, and my work with Ursula is pivotal in this change. She works with me on both the big picture and the day to day challenges. She’s teaching me how to manage my time and energy to be much more effective. I am full of gratitude and appreciate all the support I am receiving.

~ Linsi Deyo, Carolina Morning
Business Acumen and a Huge Heart

Ursula is an AMAZING business mentor. These are trying times especially for business owners. Ursula has business acumen complete with her huge heart. The more I know her the more astounded I am by her depth and breadth of intellect, deep connections, and empathy. I’m honored to know her. She lit a fire and curiosity that wasn’t in me before.

This is the perfect time to proactively plan for your exciting new path ahead. You’ll be confident and prepared moving forward.

~ Peggy Crowe, Realtor
Humor and Business Acumen
Chris is a highly energized individual with a great sense of humor and business acumen.
~ Lisa B., Community Homes for Adults
Powerful Meeting Facilitation
Ursula is a highly effective facilitator – very strategic in her planning and approach, clear and positive at communicating the process, excellent at engaging the participants and managing changing group dynamics. She is able to contribute from her own extensive and wide-ranging business experience while effectively remaining impartial. She manages time well and subtly brings the group to resolution.
~ Eileen Hutchison, Hatch Innovation Hub
Highly Effective Team Consensus-Builder
I’ve worked alongside Ursula for some time in a Startup Incubator and have always respected her business savvy and acumen. She sees things clearly and asks questions in such a way that helps others see them also. We recently had Ursula facilitate our long-term strategic planning and she brought a great blend of organization, structure, and listening to help us arrive at a very workable place and a place of team agreement.
~ Michael Baer, Third Path Initiative

You’re at a significant tipping point in your business.
If senior level support is important to get you where you want to go,
then PVA is here for you.

Let’s talk about how we can help.
Schedule a time that works for you.
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